Church Council

            Church Council meets monthly on the last Wednesday of the month and is responsible for the overall governance of First Christian Reformed Church of Owen Sound. Elders are charged with looking after the spiritual needs of church members, while Deacons demonstrate the love of God to members, within the community and across the world.

Bruce DeBoer - Chair
    Vivian Huizinga- Treasurer
    Anita Prange - Clerk of Council


            Tom Bergstra

            Ken Boers

            Bruce DeBoer

            Brenda Hummel

            Corrine Hummel

            Jim Jansen

            Tricia Pool

            John Tamming

            Ed VanderPloeg

            Jack VanDorp

            Fred VanSligtenhorst


            Brenda Foster

            Paul Henry

            Vivian Huizinga

            Anita Prange

            Laura Taylor

            Kevin Williams