New Life Centre

New Life Centre

            The New Life Centre is a multi-use facility that is available to the community.



            To reach out to the community by providing a safe and well-cared for location where people may engage in activities that promote love, life, friendship, and family.


What's Available?

            The building has two large rooms, kitchen, and main area available for groups of up to 50.

            When you first step into the New Life Centre you will find yourself in the spacious main hall. This area connects to all other rooms. It has two foyers at the front and rear of the building where people can hang their coats and other belongings. The central section houses a comfortable and tasteful sitting area where people can sit and relax.

            Rooms A and B are equipped with tables and chairs. These rooms are excellent for meetings or group gatherings. Room A is connected to the kitchen and is ideal for small dinners, parties, showers, etc. The kitchen contains a fridge, stove, sinks, counters, serving carts and enough dishes, glasses and utensils for a group of 50. There are also pots and pans and some serving dishes. Room B is ideal for meetings and is equipped with a screen and Multi Media projector.

            The outside has a large backyard with playground equipment, swing sets, and basketball net which is available for children and adults of all ages.


How is the NLC currently being used?

1) First Christian Reformed Church uses the NLC for its church office.
2) Organizations use the NLC for business meetings and other functions.
3) Individuals use the NLC for private functions such as family gatherings.
4) Groups that currently use the NLC on a regular basis:

  • Crokinole Club
  • Georgian Bay Rug Hooking Guild
  • Owen Sound Camera Club
  • Pottawatomi Spinners and Weavers Guild

            If you are interested in using the New Life Centre or would like more information contact:

The Church Office by email or by phone: 519-376-2787.