Pastor Sid’s Keyboard

October 25, 2020


Sue and I had a wonderful trip to Escondido California visiting our son and daughter-in-law, and twin grandsons, Zachery and Ezekiel. It’ one thing to see them in pictures or view them on zoom, and a whole other experience holding, helping and hugging two eight-month teething boys, either seeking attention, sleeping, or just learning to stand. I don’t know of any other person that would allow me to kiss them each, one hundred times a day.

Toronto Airport was a ghost town, and Chicago O’hare was bustling with every passenger and employee masked. San Diego Airport was also relatively busy. The twins are on a fairly rigid schedule which include three naps and an eleven-hour sleep. Zachery came into this world first, and has a pound on his fraternal twin brother, but otherwise, it’s challenging to tell them apart. We were able to make day trips to the San Diego Zoo, Ocean Side Beach, and church. On Sunday, October 11th, I had the privilege of baptizing both boys in an outdoor service of the Escondido United Reformed Church, where everyone was also masked.

The cost of crossing the Canadian Border and spending ten days in America was having to self-isolate fourteen days upon returning. Different people representing the Government of Canada and Ontario Health have been checking up on us by phone every other day. We were able to stock the fridge and freezer prior to leaving. There were also a number of tasks we hoped to accomplish during our quarantine. We still had three skids of boxes that needed to be unpacked as well as numerous plastic bins. There were so many papers, files, pictures, notes, cards, bank statements, receipts, magazines and memories to go through. We finally discarded engagement cards and wedding congratulations from thirty-three years ago. Three skids grew into five boxes and piles of school papers, trophies, yearbooks and mementos saved through grade school, high school, four years of college and beyond. It feels like our Christmas shopping is almost complete. We’ve been able to spend a little more time on our devotional life, do some reading, watch a few services and funerals online. I’ve even opened the piano and worked on learning Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata in E. We have been able to phone some family members and friends, as well as text and zoom with the whole family, hopefully this Sunday, again. And we’ve been blessed by some of you who have also called to check up on us and ask if there is anything we need.

So far, the isolation experience has been rather pleasant and productive. But like our twin grandsons, nothing is better than being with you in person again, masks on and without the hundred kisses. Only four more days to go.