Pastor Sid’s Keyboard

January 17, 2021

The limitations and “Stay at Home” restrictions have been more bitter and blustery cold than our winter so far. Temperatures have been hovering around the “0” degree mark for weeks, with daytime highs at “2” and night-time lows at “– 2”. The Weatherman is never wrong, predicting clouds with rain and freezing rain, turning to flurries, all at 40% possibilities. That’s like saying later in the afternoon it will become dark, with darkness coming over the evening and early in the dawn, the light will once again shine. And yet, we all like to find a forecast to know what we can expect.

I would personally prefer to have seasons define themselves, with winter bringing temperatures well below zero, burying frost into the ground, drying out the air, and keeping the snow around until winter is done. So far, the snow seems to have stayed, with most of the ground being white and roofs still being capped. The rain and freezing rain seems to have produced a top layer of crust. It brings back memories of a winter freezing rain storm when I was young that turned everything into a skating rink, literally. I did my entire paper route on skates. As siblings we laced up our skates and took to the fields with hockey sticks and puck in hand. We skated through the woods, up the hills, and down. What we weren’t prepared for were soft spots, where the weight of our skates broke through the ice on top of the snow, stopping us in our tracks. But the joy that came with the freedom of being able to skate through our entire world was magical, almost cartoon like.

I have dusted off cross country skies that I bought when I was nineteen years old. I have had few chances to use them while living 17 years in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Here, I discovered the Grey County CP Rail Trail. Last Saturday I went out and I was not alone. 152 snow mobiles passed me along my two and a half hour journey. What a beautiful day to be outside. The lights on their machine’s allowed me to see them from afar and the roar from their engine came as quick as it went, leaving fumes mixed with fresh air in their wake. I was grateful for the packed trail they laid for my skies. Somehow, they inspired me to strengthen my form and increase my pace each time they passed. In my own mind, I was trying to convince them I was having more fun than they were. Even with so many people on the trail, there were still moments of silence, and gentle sounds of swish, swish, swish, swish, and conversations with our creator who brings healing and like a fresh new layer of snow, continues to make everything new