Pastor Sid’s Keyboard



AUGUST 7 2022


               I know it’s only the first week of August, but like good retailers, good farmers, and good school superintendents, we are already looking at September and beginning a new church calendar year. Covid has interrupted ministry and gatherings during the last couple of years and may well do so again, but all the more reason to begin planning for a new church calendar year already now.

            We are praying for someone to step forward and volunteer to become our new Gems Coordinator, and a few counselors to assist her in the journey. We are wondering if anyone has a passion to rebuild our Friendship Ministry, walking through the gospel with mentally and physically handicapped adults.

            Come September we are going to offer an “All Church ALPHA,” inviting people to sign up into small groups of 5 to 10 people and walk through 11 sessions of ALPHA. You may already be part of a small group that may be open to watching the half hour videos; or you may be willing to host some people in your home. I’m open to leading an ALPHA group for seniors on Tuesday or Wednesday afternoons. I’m inviting everyone to join an ALPHA small group, every other week, and offering a Holy Spirit weekend retreat on the weekend of November 20th. Do you know of anyone of your family members, neighbors or friend group that might be interested in learning more about the Christian Faith? ALPHA is a great presentation of the basics of the gospel.

            We have a Prayer Ministry meeting on Tuesday afternoons, from 2:30 – 3:30, and we invite you to consider joining. We hope to have a list of greeters, welcoming people into our services of worship at our front door. We are looking to establish a 75 Anniversary Celebration Team, as the new church calendar year leads us into 2023, towards this congregation’s 75th anniversary in October of that year. Our office administrator has made it known that she has her sights on retiring in January of 2023 and wondered if anyone in our congregation was looking for a part time job serving the congregation in this manner.

            Heather Burrows is looking help on the A.V. team and Jessica Vanderploeg is always looking for new people to train on Sound, and Live Stream options. Linda Vansligtenhorst is always open to new praise teams, musicians, volunteers for special music and additions in worship. Carrie Vandorp/Barnshoorn is looking to run a vibrant children’s ministry with assistant leaders and youth ministry leaders, and Laura Taylor is most grateful for volunteers who sign up in nursery. We are looking to increase our assistance towards funeral luncheons as well as our Fellowship Team.

            Council met this past Thursday, and began looking ahead to September, hoping to be prepared to welcome everyone into a new church calendar year of worship and ministry, like good retailers, good farmers, and school superintendents. Together we want to be prepared to bring in the harvest when the time comes. Is there a place on this list where the Lord may be inviting you to use your gifts in service, ministry and leadership? Your participation is another answer to the Lord’s Prayer “Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven,” as together we seek to build up Christ’s body here on earth.