Pastor Sid’s Keyboard



Novmeber 27

          We held our Fall Congregational Meeting this past Wednesday and passed the proposed budget for 2023. The budget included a $5,000.00 line item for plans around the 75th Anniversary Celebrations. First Owen Sound Christian Reformed Church formally became a congregation on the Thanksgiving weekend of 1948. As a congregation you celebrated your twenty fifth anniversary by engraving a plaque naming the founding members. The celebration included food, fellowship and special services of worship. For your fiftieth anniversary the congregation had a senior’s tea as well as a congregational banquet. The white steeple was added as a crowning jewel anniversary project, visible from Inglis Falls.
         Much has changed in 75 years, and even more so during the last twenty-five. We have moved down to one service on a Sunday, instead of two, with worship still serving as our core identity as sisters and brothers in Christ. Maybe I need to offer a seventy-fifth year anniversary second service initiative, walking through the Heidelberg Catechism, or the Contemporary Testimony, from September 2023 – May 2024 only. I wonder how we might set a goal of strengthening small group fellowship. I wonder how we might augment our prayer ministry. I wonder if we could pray for baptized members who quietly drifted away through the years and pray for them regularly, and craft special occasions where they would feel welcome. I wonder how we as a congregation could be more affective in reaching the lost and discipling the found.
         At the congregational meeting we received a presentation from Canadian Food Grains Bank, and the presenter wondered if we could harvest 75 acres of crops, increasing donations four-fold. Another asked how we might make our fellowship hall and sanctuary more conducive to neighborhood activities. The 75th Anniversary Renovations Team also made a presentation at the congregational meeting, outlining their plans for the year to come. Is there a special project we could work on, perhaps for the city of Owen Sound, to celebrate 75 years? We will certainly plan celebrations around the Thanksgiving weekend, inviting previous pastors, to come and join us.
         When you first come into church and walk up the stairs, look to the right and you will see a sign “75th Anniversary Ideas” on the wall. There are sticky notes on the round table for you to write out your thoughts, ideas, goals and dreams on how we might celebrate 75 years of God’s faithfulness. Let your voice be heard. So far, we have four people who stepped forward to form a 75th Anniversary Team, including Kevin Williams from council, John Tamming, Shirley Visser and myself. We will leave your ideas on the wall for the next three weeks and begin planning in the New Year. Let’s see where the Lord takes us in the next year, the next five, and the next twenty-five years to come.