Pastor Sid’s Keyboard

April 5, 2020

This Sunday, the Christian Church around the world enters what is known as “The Week of Passion.” It begins with Palm Sunday, where Jesus rides a donkey, the colt of a donkey, down the steep slopes of the Mount of Olives. This story can be found in Matthew 21. I would invite each of you as members of First Christian Reformed Church in Owen Sound, to take some time this week and read through the week of Passion, chapter by chapter, as recorded by the Apostle Matthew. 

Sunday, April 5th: Matthew 21; Read all of Matthew 21, slowly.
What caught your attention?

Monday, April 6th: Matthew 22; Read all of 22;
What word or phrase or story moves your heart?

Tuesday, April 7th: Matthew 23; Read all of 23;
Pray your thoughts, desires, needs, and feelings.

Wednesday, April 8th: Matthew 24; Read all of 24;
Pray your thoughts, desires, needs & feelings.

Thursday, April 9th: Matthew 25; Read all of 25;
What word or phrase or story touched you?

Friday, April 10th: Matthew 26; Read all of 26;
Enjoy the presence of your Lord and Savior.

Saturday, April 11th: Matthew 27; Read all of 27;
Remember what Jesus has done for you.

Sunday, April 12th: Matthew 28; Read all of 28;
Do not be afraid; He has Risen. God is with you. 

We look forward to celebrating communion with you “virtually” on Good Friday’s live stream. If you could prepare a glass of juice, along with a piece of bread, for you and anyone else watching the service with you, we will “lift up our hearts, and be united,” in the Sacrament of Communion. You as a family may want to talk it over with your children and young people who have not made public profession of faith, and invite them to partake with you, or invite them to watch and describe to them how the Lord Supper strengthens your faith and relationship with Jesus. 

On Easter Sunday, if the weather permits and there are no clouds in the sky, you might want to find a place where you are able to witness the sun rise on the horizon, and read Matthew 28, say to one another “He Has Risen; He has Risen Indeed; Recite the Words of the Apostle’s Creed, and sing the words of this Hymn: 

Christ the Lord has risen today! Al-le-lu-ia! All Creation, join to say: Al-le-lu-ia! Raise your joys and triumphs high; Al-le-lu-ia! Sing, O heaven, and earth, reply: Al-le-lu-ia! Love’s redeeming work is done, Al-le-lu-ia! Fought the fight, the battle won; Al-le-lu-ia! Death in vain forbids him rise; Al-le-lu-ia! Christ has opened paradise. Al-le-lu-ia! Lives again our glorious King; Al-le-lu-ia! Where O death is now your sting? Al-le-lu-ia! Once he died, our souls to save; Al-le-lu-ia! Where your victory, O grave? Al-le-lu-ia! 

Soar we now where Christ has led, Al-le-lu-ia! Following our exalted Head; Al-le-lu-ia! Made like him, like him we rise; Al-le-lu-ia! Ours the cross, the grave the skies, Al-le-lu-ia!