Pastor Sid’s Keyboard

May 31, 2020

We began a series of sermons six weeks ago, working our way through the book of Acts, called PULLED BY PENTECOST. Back on April 19th, we tried to imagine what it would be like to come together again in worship, and what a glorious service of worship that might be. At that time, six weeks still seemed a long way off. And yet we don’t see the government lifting restrictions of more than five, or ten, or even 50 at a time, anytime soon, let alone allow things to go back to normal. But that still has not stopped us from worshiping.

I want to commend you for your patience, encouragement and faithfulness in watching services streamed online each week again. Council is most grateful for the work that elder Willard VanderPloeg has done behind the scenes, purchasing a new camera that will add more options and greater clarity to our morning services of worship.

At the same time, some of us have learned how to gather in meetings using Zoom. We even had an Ascension Day Prayer Service on Zoom last Thursday, May 20th, where 20 households clicked in, with some thirty people present and seven elders offering prayer. Next week Sunday we are scheduled to celebrate communion once again, and we thought we’d try something different. As well as taping a Saturday morning service for Sunday worship, we thought we’d invite everyone who is able to come on line through an email invitation that invites you to click on the link, into Zoom, where we will be able to see each other and partake in communion together.

We will open the Zoom Meeting Sunday, June 7th, at 11:00 a.m., following the service of worship, where we’ll plan and prepare to celebrate communion together. If you know of someone who is not able to access a computer or email, perhaps you could invite one or two people into your home, social distancing and not exceeding five. We are asking you to prepare a few pieces of bread, and some juice to partake in communion in your home, together on zoom.

If you have a computer and you are not quite sure how to access the email and click onto the link, call your elder, or the church office and let’s see if we cannot help one another. We live in strange times that are inviting us to be creative and try new things in being community together.

As we enter a week of preparation for the Lord’s Supper, we may need to include some prayer around technological blessings, as we continue to seek to honor and praise our Lord and God.