Pastor Sid’s Keyboard

Pastor’s Keyboard

From where we are standing, we are able to see Spring from Tuesday. Many have spoken of this winter as being rather mild and not long. It began with an exciting four-foot snow fall in November, which melted within the week, only to have Christmas cancelled with the next storm blessing our region with a blizzard. I’ve come to love Owen Sound winters, where it snows two or three times a week anywhere from 3 to 7 centimeters, where rather than shoveling their driveways clean, most just drive over it and wait for the sun to melt it away. And everything looks whitely refreshed.

But the clock has sprung us forward to normal time and spring break is now in our rear-view mirror while we wait for spring to break. It’s rain today, snow tomorrow, -2 on Sunday, followed by sun on Monday and rain or snow on Tuesday. Tree farmers sucking sap claim they are two weeks ahead with liquid gold already beginning to flow. Even though there is snow all around, creeks are flowing, and bogs are beginning to bloat. Temperatures fluctuate above and below zero, bringing a heightened and growing expectation that spring is in the air. Like a child eagerly waiting for a birthday, or Halloween, or Christmas, many are itching to bring out lawn furniture, remove burlap covers from the trees, purchase seeds and muck around in the garden, and welcome back the birds.

We know it’s coming and yet, it still seems so far off. There is a parallel thought that lingers in response to the nightly news. Listening to regular reports from Ukraine, tremors and earthquakes from Turkey, vibrations and judders of banks shaking the Exchange, weaponized nations posturing power, and a groaning creation that feels worn, there is a yearning for Christ’s return, and his working a New Heaven and a New Earth where all things old, will be renewed.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus, we can hardly wait. And while we do, we eagerly anticipate the melting of snow, buds on trees, freshly planted flowers, the smell of fields ploughed, and grass cut. From where we are standing, we are able to see Spring coming on Tuesday, but hurry up already! We are eagerly waiting for spring.