Pastor Sid’s Keyboard

October 13, 2019

Every Christmas we try to get together as a whole family. That usually means our daughter and son in law who live in Abbotsford, British Columbia will fly down with their two children (our only grandchildren), Esther and Reuben. We also have a son and daughter in law who live in Escondido California, and they fly in too. Our youngest daughter also moved out to British Columbia to study at the Vancouver School of Art Therapy. We were thinking the same was going to happen this year, except on Father’s Day, our son and daughter in law who live in Barrie, informed us they were pregnant, and expecting their first child sometime around the middle of January. We were most excited for them and with them, but they did caution us that a Christmas gathering might be in question. Soon after, our son and daughter in law who life in California made a video to inform us they too were expecting, sometime in March. A couple of weeks later we were sitting in the Realtor’s office purchasing our new home, when our son called and informed us they were expecting twins. They too said Christmas would be out of the question. 

That got our minds to thinking that Owen Sound might be more attractive in the colors of fall than in winter white. We called our California kids and just invited them to think about it, pray about it, and see if that would all work, thinking that it may be all too fast to get that all organized. We woke up the next morning and they informed us they already bought flights out here for the Canadian Thanksgiving. Once their siblings got wind of that, they too purchased Swoop tickets for this weekend. As it turns out, everyone was able to get time off and make it out to Owen Sound for a Canadian Thanksgiving.

We have so much to be thankful for; a new home; a new church community; three new grandchildren; gorgeous colors on a beautiful fall weekend in Grey and Bruce County; a communion table in worship and a table filled with all the foods of a thanksgiving family celebration. On this Thanksgiving weekend, we remember those who are not able to make it home for Thanksgiving, for those who will have an empty spot around their table, and for those who wished they could have added another chair or two.

May your Thanksgiving weekend be enhanced with family, friends and warm fellowship around food, laughter and fun. Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one of you, from all of our family, including three grandchildren in the womb.