Welcome to First Christian Reformed Church - Owen Sound

Everyone is welcome to join us in worship on Sunday Mornings at 10 a.m.  

All our services are livestreamed and you are welcome to join us: Livestream



Are you unable to attend a small group and or prefer to take the series on your own? You can view the excellent presentations on your own electronic device!

Link for Video #1  "Is There More to Life Than This?"

Link for Video #2  "Who Is Jesus"

Link for Video #3  "Why Did Jesus Die?"

Link for Video #4  "How Can I Have Faith"

Link for Video #5 "Why and How Do I Pray"

Link for Video #6: "Why and How Should I Read the Bible?"

Link For Video #7 How Does God Guide Us?  

Introduction to the Holy Spirit Retreat Weekend

Link for Video #8 Who Is The Holy Spirit

Link for Video #9 What Does The Holy Spirit Do?

Link for Video #10 How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirt?